What Is Fractional Ownership?

If you have been on the internet searching for homes you may have stumbled across a listing or two that said the home was being offered for fractional ownership.  Your next question might be, “What is fractional ownership?”

Fractional ownership means that you share the costs of owning the home with other people.  The number of people you share with depends on the home or unit you are looking at.  Generally it is anywhere between six and 12 people.  Chances are that you will own a deeded interest in the home as well.

Usage will depend on the unit as well.  Whatever portion you buy will correlate with the amount of usage you will have.  Many fractional ownership condos or homes have fixed weeks.  This works well if you travel the same weeks every year.  But, for most people this isn’t the case.  For people with vacation schedules that change from year to year it would be best to find a fractional model that has a floating week schedule.   Meaning that your weeks can change from year to year.  The best option is where each owner gets a chance to schedule their own weeks and priority of scheduling between the owners rotates.  That way you are more likely to get the weeks you want to vacation.

The best fractional ownership models also have options for trading with other owners parts of their usage time.   Allowing you to visit more than one destination.

Most fractional ownership type models will have a maintenence schedule along with fees for taking care of the property.  These costs will also be shared.  A good maintenence schedule will have enough reserves to replace a water heater or a refrigerator, should they go out, and someone in charge of making this happen.

Typically in the fractional ownership model you don’t have to worry about too much.  They are designed to make owning a vacation home easy and hands off.  Some fractional ownership models allow you to rent your time out if for whatever reason something comes up and you can’t use it.

Bottom line is that fractional ownership is a great alternative to whole ownership for people who don’t want to have worry about maintenance, paying a property management company their fees for renting the home,  or don’t want to spend the full amount of money on a vacation home that they will probably use for less than 6 weeks out of the year.

If you have any questions about fractional ownership, or would like details on what fractional ownership models are available on Kauai, please contact me.  I would love to help you anyway I can.


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Think Kauai’s Luxury Real Estate Market Is Overpriced? Then Read This Article To See Why Fractional Ownership Might Be Right For You.

Let’s face it.  Kauai Real Estate is not cheap.  If you want to have a second home or vacation home on an island that is arguably one of the best in the world, you are going to have to pay for it.  Especially if you are looking for a home that is right on the water or near any kind of resort area.

Most homes is these areas are going to run north of $2,000,000.  Which for some people is just another drop in the bucket.  But for most people, it is hard to justify buying a vacation home at that price that you will use for maybe 3-6 weeks out of the year.  Not to mention having to deal with having someone manage the rental program, if that is what you want to do when your away, or having to worry about maintaining the home.Fractional Ownership Kauai

This is where fractional ownership is a great alternative.  You can own a deeded interest in a high-end luxury home, that is on the water, in a resort area, that would normally cost you more than $2,000,000 for a fraction of the cost.  In return, you use the home for the 3-6 weeks out of the year that you would normally use it for.  That is how many private residence clubs operate and is what you can do at Timbers Kauai.

Other benefits to the fractional model are that you don’t have to worry about maintaining your property.  All the maintenance will be taken care of by the club.  You can get straight to relaxing and enjoying your vacation and not worry about fixing this or trimming that.

Another benefit to owning in a private residence club is that your home will have all the amenities of a 5 star resort.  That means top of the line furnishings, spa, multiple pools, fitness center, a concierge, and activities close by.  You can even have your home stocked with groceries before your arrival!  No longer are you having to battle the crowds at grocery stores to get your supplies before showing up to your home.   If you have been to Kauai’s Costco when the planes are landing you see how it might look like a scene cut straight of out of the Hunger Games.

The reasons above are just a few of the reasons of why fractional ownership might be right for you.  Many people around the world see the benefit of this model and believe fractional is the way to go.

If you would like to learn more about fractional ownership opportunities here on Kauai then please don’t hesitate to reach out.  My contact info is below.

Until then…  ALOHA!

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Timbers Kauai Ocean Club & Residences

If you aren’t familiar with Timbers Resorts, it is super high-end luxury real estate and boutique resorts. They have 14 locations worldwide and offer full ownership and fractional ownership. The location of Timbers Kauai allows people to be located close to everything you need, and anything else is just a short drive away. Actually, you might not even ever leave the property if you own here.

Kauai Real Estate
Golf on Kauai. You can own a piece of this real estate!


Why Timbers Kauai at Hokuala?

There is more than enough to do on the 450 acres they plan to develop. Owning at Timbers Kauai gives you a great opportunity to own at a fraction of the cost and still travel/visit four to eight weeks out of the year. Not only that, but if you own at Timbers Kauai, you also have an opportunity to trade some of your time and visit other locations worldwide. One of their most popular being in Tuscany, Italy. And if fractional ownership isn’t what you want to do, then you can fully own some of the private residences and townhomes they plan to develop.

Image-1 (2)

Standing where the private residences and ocean club will be looking out. Below will be the pools with disappearing edges.

Once Timbers Kauai is fully built out, I believe it will take over as the most sought after property in their collection. The season is year-round here on Kauai. Visitors come and go all the time. If you are an owner, you will have exclusivity and perks to many areas on the property.

Members have their own tee boxes for practicing at the driving range. Did I mention the golf course? Currently 18 holes are in use of this Jack Nicholas designed golf course. This course also features one of the longest stretches of oceanfront holes you can find. I actually hit a few balls into the ocean. It is by far one of the nicer, more challenging courses on the island.

Close by is Kalapaki Beach where you can drink, eat, surf, paddle board, kayak, and the list goes on and on. You have a great chance of seeing a whale breach the surface looking out to sea.


Whale breaching during Hokuala ground breaking ceremonies recently

There are no shortage of activities or amenities when it comes to a Timbers Resorts development. When you get tired of going to the beach or golfing, you can go on a nature hike through the undeveloped portion of the property. Back there you will find the exotic fruit tree lilikoi, where you can literally eat off the tree. There are also these pretty amazing rainbow eucalyptus trees, which are fascinating to look at. I had never seen anything like it before.

IMG_1495 (2)

Rainbow eucalyptus tree on property

When it’s all said and done, Timbers Resorts will have spent close to $800 million redeveloping the old Kauai Lagoons into a very high-end luxury development called Hokuala, with everything from concierges to help you along the way with anything you might need, and water taxis. Yes, you read that correctly. There are lagoons on the property where you can hop in a little boat and someone will take you to other parts of the development.


You might recognize this view from Happy Madison productions

I’m standing in the picture above where the new gym, restaurant, and shopping facilities will be. You will have this amazing view looking over the 14th hole and lots to do. Pricing has recently been released and homes are selling.   The earlier you get in the better your pricing will be.

More Information

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, then please contact me. I can coordinate a VIP tour for you and you can get a better idea of how amazing this place is going to be. I am at your service.

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Working with Timbers Kauai!


I have great news!   I’ve recently accepted a position with Timbers Kauai as a Sales Executive.  Timbers Kauai will be huge for Lihue and Kauai!  This is a new development that is well underway where the old Kauai Lagoons used to be.

Everything Timbers does has all the bells and whistles and is high-end.  They have resorts all over the world.

I’m excited for this opportunity and excited to share information on the project with you.

If you have any questions or would like more information on the property please reach out to me.

Talk to you soon.  ALOHA!!!

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Recent Kalaheo Market Update

Here is what is going down in regards to Kauai Real Estate here on the south side in the town of Kalaheo.

I find this information helpful when I’m looking at a certain market trying to decide a homes value.  I figured I would share with you what I came up with.

Looking at the New Listings, Pending Transactions, and Recently Solds you can get an idea of what the market is doing in the area.


As you can see it has been a busy time in Kalaheo.

If you have any questions about Kauai real estate give me a call 808-482-4605.  If I don’t know the answer, I know someone who does.  Mahalo!


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Kauai Real Estate December 2016 Statistics

We just closed out 2016!

2016 turned out to be a busier year than 2015.   Just check out how December of 2016 did compared to December of 2015 for Kauai real estate sales.

December Kauai Real Estate Statistics

Sales went up!

Median Price went up!

Inventory went down!

That means the market is going to get tighter and there will be more people bidding on the same homes.

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How To Buy A Home On Kauai With The VA Loan

Are you a veteran thinking about buying a home but don’t know where to start?

Start here.

The following steps will help you get through the process.

  1. Get pre approved from a “VA APPROVED” lender first.  Below is a checklist of items you’ll need.
    1. Completed certificate of eligibility.  You can get that at any VA office.  If you are on Kauai go to the Veteran’s Center (3215 Kapule Hwy, Lihue, HI 96766)
    2. Most recent pay stubs
    3. Last two years of W2 statements and Tax returns (if self employed)
    4. Last two bank statements
    5. Once you have this paperwork ready contact my superstar lender Stephanie Stafolm at 808-388-6072 , who works for Hawaii VA loans, and fill out the VA loan request paperwork.   She is by far the best lender I have worked with when it comes to VA Loans.  She can help you determine how much you qualify for and what your payments will look like.
  2. Contact a real estate agent. (JP Bolwahnn 808-482-4605, jp@kauaireg.com) I specialize in helping Veterans navigate through the process of finding homes and condos that will meet VA standards.
  3. Narrow down your List of Properties.  Based on the amount you are qualified for, I can help you schedule showings at properties that meet your search criteria.  Not all properties and condos meet VA standards so it is important to have an agent that know the ins and outs, like I do.
  4. View the properties – You know as well as I do that pictures don’t always match what you see in person.  I encourage you and insist you see the home in person to make sure it meets you and your families needs.
  5. Submit an Offer – Once we have found the home you are looking for, I will help you decide on what it is a fair market value offer.  It is my job to show you if a property if overpriced, underpriced, or priced just right.  That way you can feel confident in submitting your offer.
  6. Our VA hombuyers team will do the rest. Once we get an acceptance I and the rest of the team will walk you through the process.  This can take anywhere from 40-75days here on Kauai. Stephanie and I are getting them done in under 60 days.  Once you sign your loan documents, the loan funds, and then is recorded you will receive your keys and officially become a homeowner.  Boom!

If you or anyone you know is considering buying a home or selling a home here on Kauai please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

I’m a military veteran and have made it a mission to help other veterans buy and sell Kauai Real Estate.


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Mele Kalikimaka From Kauai!


It’s that time of year where you take a moment and reflect on the past year.  If you are lucky, you get to spend time with family and friends, enjoy a few laughs, and talk story.

Kauai Real Estate Group and the team I’m on has had a break out year and we are looking forward to the next.  Thank you for the opportunity to represent you and being a part of our Ohana.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas and enjoy your time with family and friends.



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Kauai Luxury Real Estate Market Up 234% For Month Of November

That is correct and not a misprint.  The Kauai luxury market for homes that are priced above $1,000,000 saw a huge 234% increase in the amount of sales compared to November of 2015.

In November of 2015 there were nine sales of $1,000,000 plus homes.  In November 2016 we had 21 homes sell for more than $1,000,000.


In the $1,000,000-$3,000,000 range we see a 200% increase.  In November of 2015 there were seven sales within that range.  In November of 2016 we have 14 sales within the 1-3 million range.

Kauai homes over $3,000,000 saw an increase of sales activity of 250%.   In the month of November 2015 there were only two sales above 3 million.  This past November saw an increase to five sales.

There has been a lot of inventory sitting around above the $1,000,000 mark.  Looks like things are starting to move.

Think the election had anything to do with it?

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Kalaheo Real Estate Market for Last 30 Days


Here is quick snapshot of what is going on with real estate in the town of Kalaheo.

I went back 30 days to see what has been going on.

Kalaheo currently has:

  • 27 ACTIVE listings when it comes to single family homes.
  • 12 CONTINGENT (meaning they are in escrow, and in the process of being bought)
  •   6 SOLD

In May of this year there was 38 listings in Kalaheo.  As you can see, the inventory has come down a little bit.   Prices continue to climb as well for Kalaheo Real Estate.

If you or anyone you know thinks this information is useful please forward them this post. And if you want to stay up to date on what is happening with Kauai real estate, especially south side real estate, than make sure to register to get my updates through email on the left.


JP Bolwahnn


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